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  • 27 Aralık 2013, Cuma 10:29

(Special Report) Premature Babies' Drug 'Mother's Milk'

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Medicalpark Bursa Hospital Child Health and Disease Specialist Asst.

Medicalpark Bursa Hospital Child Health and Disease Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Contraband Nureddin, said that mother's milk is life-saving.
Hospital neonatal intensive care units in 500 grams or 24 thousand thanks to technology As weeks of babies born very early pregnancy week indicating increased their chances of survival Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Nureddin Contraband, stated that mother's milk is life-saving. premature babies breast milk normally delivered mothers milk is very different from attention Contraband,"Premature babies just a normal newborn baby as development show but times are different. This difference is usually in intensive care units spend. this time in order to spend need to be patient. mothers to their babies be able to help feeling sorry for leaving in the new situation how they can help should learn. Premature babies nutrition is very important. This is why breastfeeding lifesaving nature. every baby's mother's milk is different from other properties. because every baby's mother's milk their baby is special. This is why mother's milk-fed premature faster growing . mothers and babies bond between the stronger and the baby more quickly adopt the terms of breastfeeding and breast milk is very valuable,"he said.
"PREMATURE BABIES up to 12 years should be followed"
Intensive care are discharged from the babies' home track next to certain related outpatient monitoring recommending Contraband,"This monitoring process is often technical and economic reasons, up to 12 months is made. however, which is ideal follow-up to school age ie up to 6 years or even up to 12 years is that it takes. Premature babies, especially one thousand 500 grams less than the birth immediately after the desired speed weight gain is not possible. This is why the baby's age-appropriate weight to reach many in the age of puberty and continues till. premature baby's long followed the general health, growth, nutrition and vaccination are evaluated. Besides chronic lung disease, nutrition, vision, hearing, speech, learning difficulties, comprehension disorders, communication difficulties, and musculoskeletal development of the disorder, adali developmental disorder, conduct disorder, attention deficit, self-inability important problems such as the treatment and follow-up is done,"he said .
"must be taken care of premature babies"
family after the babies come home, nutrition, sleep patterns, respiratory monitoring, bath, home heat, clothing, nails and skin care, mouth, eyes and nose care and especially from infections in terms of protection to be followed closely that you need Contraband, especially premature immune system full development because visitors and school children to see the baby not sensitive to should be treated, he said.
Contraband,"El cleaning, infection control is the first step. Dolls before touching the bottom after cleaning cleaning hands must be taken. any problem is encountered the respective hospitals and health care professionals should notify"he said.
Bursa Medicalpark Hospital in the new Neonatal intensive care unit of the South Marmara important centers is one of the underlining Contraband,"Currently we mentioned last have the technology. A neonatologist in consultation with five pediatric specialists, 27 incubators, ventilators and neonatal intensive care experienced nurses are serving. hospital in our modern medical equipment and applications in a short time with our baby of the family, although the family, bring them to inform and provide the necessary resources in education,"he said.

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