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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:32

Sedep taught with Respect to Culture

Sedep taught with Respect to Culture
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Konya, central Seljuk County Council, Seljuk District Education Directorate and Konya Necmettin Erbakan, the Seljuk Values ​​Education conducted by the University of collaboration Project ( SEDEP ) Under 11-13 November , in Siller , \"I hear culture to Respect\"will be organized activity.

Konya news: Photo Events Seljuk 3rd and 4th grade students from primary schools in 20 districts , 1 day practical , 1 day with trainer photographers taking practical photography training, photography, performing historical Siller . At the end of the event turned into a catalog will be published studies comprising this photo . Activities aimed at the discovery of cultural values ​​with photography students to increase their interest in photography will contribute . Purpose respected within the scope of historical and cultural value, Siller for events with the reflection of the camera shots of beauty by students Seljuk Municipality 20 cameras and \"Photo \"First Step training book was a gift. Photo Seljuk Values ​​Education cultural values ​​under the project SEDEP with photo culture stated that they conducted a study in which processed together Photographers , Serdar Akyay , \"We tried to explain the first step of the photography for our children in two days, the first day of our time event. the second day we try to implement in the field what we watch on the first day what visual and experimental work. this is what they take our children to the end of the two days to select the photos and we will put together. Presentations will become the work of our children their families, will take place in our schools and municipalities will share an activity . these studies , starting with the primary level hobby will become professional studies in the hope future years . I would like to thank all our institutions , including Seljuk Municipality which mainly contributed to this project, \"he said.

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