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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:33

Romanian Students from Governor Visits Başıbüyük

Romanian Students from Governor Visits Başıbüyük
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Turkey is 10 days from the scope of a project and a group of Romanian students and teachers in the district of Konya, Beyşehir Beyşehir Governor visited Başıbüyük victorious .

Konya news: Photo European Union ( EU) Comenius Student Exchange Program framework and from the district Beyşehir \"eat inside , pray \"who participate in the various activities carried out in the name of the project framework of the project partner Fethullah Bair guest of Science High School Romanian students , Governor Başıbüyük'ü authorities visited .
Governor Başıbüyük , Fethullah Bair Science High School Principal Bilal Alperen with both partner schools project coordinator Khalid Kalaycı and George Roman guests that Micu also found, that they were very pleased to see the town and entertained , he said. Governor Başıbüyük , \"I hope , hospitality we've enjoyed in the county's history and geographical beauty next ,\"he said . The Photo Roman Project Coordinator George Mici , are affected by the Turkish hospitality during their stay in Beysehir said they had have loved and happy . < br/> also Fethullah Bair Science High School Principal Bilal Alperin , the Governor Başıbüyük gave information about the activities and projects carried out within 10 days about the stay of foreign guests. The Alperin , guests their guests , the school also said that he would leave the Beyşehir today. My Governor after the Photo Talk Başıbüyük its guests , while a variety of gifts , the Romanian Project Coordinator Mica was presented flowers Governor Başıbüyük to .

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