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  • 03 Ocak 2014, Cuma 16:37

Resemble the pies Imagination

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Edremit district of Balıkesir dealing with for 25 years pastacılıkl Kazakoğl Tolga, special design can not keep up with pie order.

Balıkesir Edremit district for 25 years pastacılıkl dealing with Tolga Kazakoğl, custom design cakes to the orders can not keep up.
Approximately 25 years ago the cake business curiosity surrounding Tolga Kazakoğl over time developed itself after the established via the website custom design cakes to take orders began. From the car up to the human figure from clients custom design edible cake that can easily Kazakoğl the country are taking orders from many points. Kazakoğl, his wife admitted to kosgeb Free Kazakoğlu whether taking the support of small-scale enterprises has opened a boutique.
Tolga Kazakoğl the only ones in the area with his press conference has announced the launch of the workplace. The special design of the recently received Kazakoğlu hamburger cake figures and figural baby has garnered great interest. Kazakoğl kitchen which opens the door to the press, the preparation of their own design, which showed wire noodle salad. Kazakoğl then, for example, a flower-figured single pie was manufactured.
Tolga Kazakoğl the"About one and a half years in my house receives orders started doing that. My wife also helped support. Most big dream I perform I am happy. I of this work education I did not take the course also did not go. ambition and determination to this point I've come. I'ma regular pastry beyond the boutique cakes, personalized cakes I'm doing. Human describing the cake I'm doing. A people knew you, even if that person make a cake that you see when you have an idea about you can be. Humorous, message that are making the cake. none I can not make a cake shape. Enough, Please contact me.completely edible ingredients I would do it the same,"he said.

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