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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:14

Plan and Budget Commission of the Ministry of National Defense Budget was interviewed

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National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, \"the start of series production since 2017 and our Altay tank Land Forces Command is expected to be available to us ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo Plan and Budget Commission of the Ministry of National Defense budget was discussed. The Commission made ​​a presentation to the National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, in 2011, began talking about the Arab Spring , said that the 21st century has changed the country borders . Yilmaz, \"In our immediate area , we are going through a process in which the north and the continuing impact of transformation for decades will be felt in the south. In the immediate vicinity of instability elements exponentially , Turkey , despite everything, there continues to be this part of the island of peace and a safe harbor, \"he said . Photo Turkey'the national security in terms of NATO's military and political events of the housing of the importance of pointing Yilmaz, \"Europe and around again in the security environment being shaped by NATO members to develop military capabilities of the country and we believe that they should not increase the it for the capacity ,\"he said
Wales Yilmaz Referring to the NATO Summit , \"last September in Wales executive of the State and Heads of Government of NATO Summit decisions taken by member states, ten years 2 per cent of gross domestic Hasina in defense spending , and defense spending at least agreed to allocate 20 per cent of the supply of the main weapons systems. In this direction , our country with other countries, has committed to remove the 2 per cent of gsyih'mı defense spending , \"he said . 15-month military service Yılmaz said reduced to 12 months , \"our citizens through e-government without going to the military branch of the military situation began to deliver the service to receive the document. Since the New Year with this application has received a document from 2 million citizens to apply to the recruiting office . In addition, opportunities are provided to be an appointment via e-Government for operation in the military branch , \"he said . Photo reminding Altay main communications national tank is completed in May of the design process Minister Yilmaz, verification testing will be subject to noting that the two final prototype production to begin . Yilmaz,\"More trials are underway for production performed on two preliminary prototype before moving and shooting ability . Altai start since 2017, the tank of our mass production and Black Our Forces are expected to be put into service , \"he said .
Military mine threat against protecting reminded that if the Hedgehog Project total of 614 adoption 473 of the vehicle carried Yilmaz, of the 141 vehicle deliveries as soon as possible stated by the vendor. realization with international participation of Photo F35 aircraft, production and covering the logistics support Joint Strike Fighter Program, Yilmaz said that the continuation of the development of aircraft and testing activities , \"information fusion of well integrated to the F-35 aircraft of the National ammunition, invisibility and advanced sensor technology with advanced capabilities such as in the 2020s is expected to be an important element of the Turkish Air Force veterans . Already been given the order of the first two aircraft , \"he said . Photo CHP Denizli Deputy Adnan Keskin, next to the National Defense Minister Yilmaz, Navy and Air Force criticized the lack of staff from the Commands . Yilmaz on it, they were the Ministry of Defense was the staff he noted.

Plan and Budget Commission of the Ministry of National Defense Budget was interviewed" comments for.


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