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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:09

Past Mayor of self-confidence from the pacta sunt servanda

Past Mayor of self-confidence from the pacta sunt servanda
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Eregli district of Konya Mayor Ozkan self-confidence , the county has cost-saving services to the Mayor bygone era , situated where the name of the service they have done and thanked by hanging sheets .

Konya news: Photo Özgüven President Kenan Akpinar, Talib Ali Özdemir, Bayburt Selcuk Aydin Selay , Ahmed Hussein Oprukçu Özdoğan and thanked the services they provide to Eregli. Period of the Mayor main sheet where the name of the made ​​by service location presidents .
President-confidence , \"Past and present Chairman of the many municipalities have left a lasting works by serving Eregli. When we look Namely past , turning we see that the permanent traces of many services . This marks a whether our contribution , we want to we put a brick . Prior period serving in the Council's Head of our pacta sunt servanda our debt of these works which period we wish to pay by placing the places deemed appropriate by preparing the plates indicating who made , \"he said .
\"Ereğli us to further raise to the next level we are a debt of the neck of \"the self-confidence ,\"Whose what service do you consider what has been done instead of storing pillowcase enlightened take our political and administrative character. Eregli even age when everyone one nail the crown of our head. Eregli people of past service that night for this city has not forgotten any mayor producing day and service , \"he said .
President-confidence , \"Atatürk Culture Park and the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Martyrs Park-Kenan Akpinar, Yunus Emre Park-Ali Talib Özdemir, Fire Building Selcuk Bayburt, Kwangju Park-Aydın Selay , Ozdogan and Cultural Center-Ahmet Oguz Oprukç ancestors Plant-Hussein was hung nameplates . I know a thank personally and on behalf of all our Ereğli President , \"he said .

Past Mayor of self-confidence from the pacta sunt servanda" comments for.


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