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  • 24 Aralık 2013, Salı 09:40

Low Back Pain in 8 of every 10 adults being seen

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) Specialist Dr.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) Specialist Dr. Coates Akalın, heavy lifting, excess weight, high-heeled shoes to wear to work standing and sitting wrong with the back pain that trigger, so back pain seen in 8 of every 10 adults, he said.
DR. Akali his statement, back pain almost every adult's life a period where he met there is a problem, most of the time suddenly felt this problem, sometimes repeating become chronic able, said:"Heavy lifting wrong sitting up for different reasons resulting from low back pain to take precautions possible,"he said .
Akalın, back pain every 10 adults 8 seen in the quality of life by reducing the social life that affects this is a problem, noting that said:
"Today, common low back pain triggered many factors concerned. Pain of become chronic in order to prevent a person's daily life should pay attention there are many points. Unwittingly we routinely movements backaches plays an important role. heavy to lift, excess weight, high-heeled shoes to wear, standing work and wrong to sit back pain of the trigger. Chronic size reaching the house, rest if requirements."
back pain chronicity to be heeded stated that the Akali's,"Most of the time 'passes away saying' seek a specialist Failure serious problems to occur can cause. For that reason, low back pain in the a specialist to apply and pay attention to what ought to be important to learn. of low back pain during the treatment process, primarily pain, chronic does not become the objective of ensuring you are carrying. mechanical low back pain of treatment approaches are generally the same. treatment of acute period symptoms in chronic period functions for improving happening. purpose of the treatment, pain reduction, recurrence and chronicity prevention, functional building the capacity and the patient's social life early return is providing. low back pain patients primarily to rest you need. 2-5 days rest, lumbar muscles on reducing the pressure of the patient to provide relief,"he said.
Akalın, pain, medical and physical therapy can be administered gold drawing,"If needed medical or physical treatment. pain relief and muscle relaxant drugs, symptoms by correcting the patient's ability to move easier. physical therapy applications are widely used. This way, the pain and spasm symptoms disappear and the patient's early movement is provided . physical therapy method, hot, cold, low and medium frequency currents and TENS from devices such as is exploited. If necessary, the patient corset proposed. FTR experts 'lumbosacral support belt' has termed this corset waist will support and excessive movement blocks. still frequently being used other a method of treatment, exercise and swimming is. patient's physical structure and condition by the abdominal and back muscles for strengthening exercises are given. patient will do this exercise by relieving pain, the muscles will strengthen, improve range of motion and posture helps to heal,"he said.
Akali, low back pain to avoid to be considered while listed as follows:
"move heavy objects, avoid. Removal If you need to also keep your back straight and your back right, left, forward bending important to. broad support surface to ensure the legs from side to side to separate the is useful. place a goods if you need your knees bending addressed. This move your cargo to your legs giving and your back remains. standing for a long time Avoid standing and in between do sitting the rest of neglect. Others in a position to sit. sitting if you are working chair high and rigid backrest should be. The backrest on your back to support. Orthopedic choose a king. B selection backache exposure to very important. correct you choose a mattress quality sleep makes and in the morning with low back pain waking up in front of your passing. Watch your weight. Excess weight and pain of the main reasons for coming across. Long time of driving. supports your lower back while driving and take a break every 2 hours. Avoid wearing high heels. choice of high-heeled shoes trigger back pain significantly."

Low Back Pain in 8 of every 10 adults being seen" comments for.


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