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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:03

Kto October Economic Indicators Bulletin Published

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Konya Chamber of Commerce ( KTO ) has released its Economic Indicators Bulletin October Konya .

Konya news: Photo Konya, Turkey to the overall economy of the European Union countries and according to the Bulletin of the monthly comparison was made ; Konya Retail Confidence Indicator (dog ), Konya Services Sector Confidence Index ( KOHİZ ), Konya Construction Industry Confidence Index ( KOA ), Konya Employment Monitoring Bulletin and Konya is located Foreign Trade Bulletin. Photo Konya Retail and in October and the Turkey average EU-28 oN iN
EU-28 countries and Turkey Retail Confidence when the Index value of Greece compared to last year was found to be the one that experienced the highest increases . Turkey has seen a decline in the EU-28 and Euro Zone retail confidence compared to last year . Eurozone Retail Confidence Index , based on last year showed better performance compared to EU-28 and Turkey. Turkey compared to last year, while the worst performance in the retail confidence index , while one of the two countries worst performers exhibited in the UK. While the TOP value-17.2 in October , took his dog-3,8 value. Positive values ​​in the area since June 2014 but negative in September retail value of Konya , in October took a negative value. Dog, 7 points compared to the same period last year , fell 15.7 points HILL ​​. Dog, decrease by 3.2 percentage points from the previous month . Retail Konya , Turkey in October and received a better value than the overall EU-28. Best performance in the retail sector in Konya in October furniture , lighting equipment and household products sector showed use . The highest decreases compared to last year , as in September, the food was observed in beverages and tobacco products sector .
THE LEADER OF OCTOBER KONYA SERVICES SECTOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES WAS Photo August 2014't rise to the Konya services sector confidence index in October compared to the previous month by 1.9 percentage points compared to the same period last year took its value fell by 7.9 points to 12.2 points. Konya in October when the services sub-sectors, the sector is viewed as health and social services sector has shown the best performance and was the only rising sector compared to last year . Transportation services sector by sector experienced the greatest decrease was last year . Services were expressed that financial constraints fundamental factors that limit 28 activities per cent of firms operating in the sector.
< Strong> Konya CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY CONFIDENCE INDEX TURKEY AND EU-28 < strong> HIGH vALUE lOWER THAN Photo Konya Construction Confidence Index , October 2014, both compared to the previous month, the lower the value , down-14.5 points compared to the same period last year . Turkey general representing the construction sector confidence index in October 2014 and 6.1 points lower than the previous month decreased 3.4 points to-25.2 points value compared to the same period last year . The construction sector confidence index for the EU-28 took the-23.4 points. The construction sector confidence index ; compared to last year fell across Konya and Turkey, rose in the EU-28 . Despite Konya construction sector confidence index in October 2014, both in general and Turkey took higher than the EU-28.
Full internet address of the Konya Chamber of Commerce, said the reach of Newsletter .

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