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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:22

Instead they Soil Water Plant Cultivation

Instead they Soil Water Plant Cultivation
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Selcuk University (SU) Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition , drought and salinity tolerant plants grow in water culture conditions.

Konya news: Photo Never use soil from wheat, barley, beans, melons, carrots, corn , soybean, tomato plants as they grow in such a short time indicating Assoc-supplemented diet for 3 weeks in water in the laboratory using hydroponic system. Dr. Mehmet Hamurcu, \"a period of 4-6 months in natural conditions , in the greenhouse a product that grows 3-4 months , the water culture conditions we refer to as hydroponic environment equipped with LED light can grow in as little as 3 weeks. In controlled conditions grown in a very short time , such as drought and salinity the data obtained from plants tested in conditions of stress can create scientific infrastructure for rehabilitation work , \"he said .
RECEIVABLES FROM SOLAR FOOD oBTAINED of LED LIGHT PROGRESS Selcuk University said they are continuing their work since
2007 Faculty of Agriculture Department of soil Science and Plant Nutrition , Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hamurcu, \"We are doing our work in Selçuk University, Faculty of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Department in controlled conditions within and by providing the required conditions laboratory in hydroponic environment conditions. Plants drought , in the framework of our research aimed at increasing salinity and efficiency we are testing in the plant breeding cabinet. What we in this process , we use artificial light source instead of sunlight to plants and we provide with this light source lED lighting system. we give the color that you want the light where you want the plant to the environment , first we can say that in Turkey, \"he said. . Photo Plants grown in 3 WEEKS Photo Plants grown in place of Prof. stressed that they never played without water culture conditions . Dr. Hamurcu, \"the preparation of food solisyonl the need of the plant , ensuring replacement and desired conditions of the solution is completely done automatically. Wheat With this method, barley , beans, melons, carrots, corn, we were able to soy and tomato cultivation . Where cultivation process is entirely automated system that environment is completed in a very short period of approximately 3 weeks. also on different plants that grow in and around Konya with the same method in the laboratory are working , \"he said .

Instead they Soil Water Plant Cultivation" comments for.


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