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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ekim 2013, Salı 12:12

FIX-Hasan Nail Canat death referred to yıldömünde

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Dear subscribers, poet, writer and actor memorial program on the anniversary of death of Hasan Nail Canat'ın service knowing it would again become adjusted.

ask that consideration of Adjusted text. Best regards ...

poet, writer and actor Nail Canat Hasan's death 9 Uskudar Altunizade Cultural Center on Sunday, October 27 to mark the anniversary will be remembered.

Nail Canat Hasan died in 2004, October 27, at 17.00 in the program referred to Uskudar Altunizade Cultural Center. Er host of The Secret Author, Poet and Author Huseyin Akin will make the head of the memorial sign program, Producer, Actor and cartoonist Hassan escaped, Invincible actor, journalist-author Tarik Tufan and Emine Erdogan to participate as a speaker.

Hasan Nail Canat


Born in Kayseri on 25 October 1943 and continued in Istanbul Hasan Nail art life began in this province Canat, where he died in 1994, for 10 years until 2004 Uskudar Altunizade Cultural Center Play Municipality enacting Theatre. Canat, serving traditional theater, 'lan', 'Street Girl Elif', 'Mindrella', 'Super Guard' with children's games, such as 'A Fistful of Fire', 'Did not I?', 'Metropolis and Woman''s games for adults sahnelemişti. Altunizade Canat Cultural Center, which also provides theater training for children and adults,"How to find us went in? ',' The Fifth Dimension ',' Exile ',' Drawing ',' longing ',' Black Caped Man 'movies from the' Dogfish ' 'Crazy Heart', 'Bread Craft', 'Eye of the Heart', 'Muslim 365 Day', 'Muslim 24 Hours' had a role in the TV series. 'I had a little Osmancık', 'Rose wound', 'Wounded Sparrow', 'jasmine', 'Nur at Mount Children', 'Sinful Father', 'Folded Murat Epic' Nail Canat Hasan's books in the married and the father of four children .

FIX-Hasan Nail Canat death referred to yıldömünde" comments for.


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