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  • 23 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:31

"Different women are cheating enlarge Men"

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Institute of Sexual Health Association (CİSED) his infidelity research, raised by more than one woman revealed that men are more easily deceived.

Institute of Sexual Health Association (CİSED) his infidelity research, raised by more than one woman revealed that men are more easily deceived.
CİSED Sex Therapist Exp Adana Branch President. Dr.. Taner Canatar said in a statement on the issue, based on research results, 500 men who confessed to cheating on his wife of more than 70 per cent in childhood and raised by different women said they showed.
pregnancy began the process and post-natal physical contact continue to strengthen the mother-infant relationship, mental and physical development of great importance for indicating Canatar,"0-3 years of age during the mother's voice, smell, temperature, consistent behavior and even glances child deeply it can affect. we therapists mother word as a technical term We describe and child-care and love the person or persons in the sense we are using. especially working mothers have to choose their baby sitter or mother substitute person models (grandmother, grandmother, aunt, sister-in-law etc.) in childhood, can become inextricable"he said.
"EASIER are deceiving"
raised by more than one woman who said that men are more easily deceived Canatar"The research results obtained, according to data of multiple and disparate physical and emotional differences mothers carrying derivatives growing boys, spiritual development in the tides and attachment problems are occurring. Example as 'blond-white-skinned mother and dark-dark-skinned kayınvalideyl A' 'poor-black-eyed mother and overweight-colored eyes, a carer with the' or 'cool-touch does not like a mom and hot-more so touches a babaanneyl to a combination of' Grow An example of this can be. these cases the child out of consciousness a fantasy could settle and later in life This fancy himself in the marital relation again able to. 'Cause right now, and now, the past is long, time, venue and the players, even though the roles remains the same. However, these multiple and different features by women in the enlarged applies to all males not the case, exceptions can be,"he said.
acquired during childhood and later in life manifested"deception"underlining that the act can be treated Canatar, said was:
"of men who cheated these results occur, then these individuals and their partners now mother or mother substitute other women blame needs to be. Therefore, instead of blaming take responsibility, mother or mother derivatives and conditions of the day to understand the importance. Because the male life by taking responsibility elections unconsciously and automatically instead of making your own if it makes this repetition can disrupt your destiny, he can write and deception last can give. Human constant development and changes may be over. During this process the man's past attitude towards change is very important. Infidelity after the forgiveness and healing , dating between the love, respect and loyalty, which is based on the bond unshaken, healthy way to ensure strong from a therapist Getting help also recommend. should be noted that a healthy mother-infant relationship, a healthy society and the family structure is the foundation."

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