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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:16

Core Life Passed Off Irrigation Project in Kuskuncuk

Core Life Passed Off Irrigation Project in Kuskuncuk
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Depending on the neighborhood Kuskuncuk Eregli district of Konya Closed irrigation system came to life .

Konya news: Photo Eregli Governor Shakir from , Halkapınar Governor Mehmet Kocabey Ozkan Mayor self-confidence , Chamber of Commerce President Anwar Bond, Commodity Exchange President Zechariah Famous , Right Bank Irrigation Association President Tan Steel , Left Coast President Irrigation Association Harun Cinar and farmers Kuskuncuk Quarter made observations in the area where the application of closed irrigation system . Photo Kuskuncuk District Headman Eyup Celebrities , ponds with actions implemented in the project , saying they will switch to sprinkler and drip system wished to be beneficial to farmers and thanked the AK Party government .
Commodity Exchange President of Zechariah Celebrities , referring to 3 thousand square meters opened land under irrigation, and for 15 years they worked for the realization of this project and that they have reached their final destination and drew attention to the increase in income level with this project. the support of a small core project considered the project for Photo Eregli scale AK Party government the Mayor stated that the self-confidence Ozkan come to life , \"I was put into a core project implementation . Eregli assessed in languages ​​, spoken in passing this same system and the closed irrigation systems that make up the core agenda to life here in the Ereğli scale projects will be implemented . Here is accumulating in the pond water and pressurized somehow transported to land through irrigation lines. Farmers we are turning the only valve , \"he said .
OFF IRRIGATION SYSTEM EREĞLİ N is the Future Photo Self-confidence, this project , which is active before March 30 provinces that made ​​by the Special Administration underlines , \"the name of the project is undoubtedly our most important muhtars . Labor are very large, I congratulate him . This project is an example of a project for Eregli farmers. Ereğli foot is very large-scale projects . In this project , 90 percent of the state , while 10 percent will meet our farmers . This project for the future of our children must come to life as soon as possible . Ereğli can not escape from this project should be run. Agricultural and irrigation policy of our Government satisfied with our citizens is based investments. Energy money , our money expenses such as fuel oil will fall with this project and we will get better quality and efficient products. There will also be appreciated in our land . Our only request is Eregli out with this project. By examining the project herein may have information to come , \"he said . Photo is from Shakir Eregli Governor ,\"and we talked for a long time to stand up off the irrigation system and hopefully we will conclude . Where he now lives in a small footprint of the system. Drip and sprinkler system on the basis of products with more efficiency , energy and water savings will be achieved . This project works against us every day in ereğli feet. This project should be implemented as soon as possible . We set out to make it up front . Contribution of the project to be 10 percent for a moment before he desires the realization , here I wish to be beneficial to farmers in the project's life , \"he said .

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