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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 13:17

Balanced Diet Good Coming Depression

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Eighteen March Çanakkale University School of Medicine, Department of Mental Health and Disease Head Asst.

Eighteen March Çanakkale University School of Medicine, Department of Mental Health and Disease Head Asst. Assoc. Dr. Kursad Altınbaş, balanced diet, good for depression, he said.
'Omega 3' vitamin Altınbaş said to be good for depression, eating a balanced diet is also important, he said. Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Kürşat Altınbaş,"Depression so easily enter climbed not a disease. People in the mood of unhappiness, pessimism, reluctance, from nothing to enjoy my energy scarcity, sleep-appetite disorders, itself incriminating thoughts from time to time of disease exacerbation in cases where the idea of ​​suicide, life giving, attention problems as well as physical and psychological all symptoms, including at least two weeks of the day in all continue in this state that is the case. Their emergence of any triggering environmental factor is not needed. presence of stress can be triggered, we stopped somewhere itself may also occur. Persons human relationships, professional life, self-care influences, ie job, affecting the strength of a mental illness can say,"he said.
Depression itself can be improved also said Altınbaş,"however, spontaneously without treatment last a recurrence of depression is very likely. So, a treated depression according to the disease duration between shorter, people are depressed they spend time more longer and easy to get depressed and becoming. We therefore treating want. brain depression sensitivity to reduce resistance make it stronger drug after reducing're cutting. How diabetics sugar rises with insulin or a sugar with the drug sugar regulation is in progress antidepressants do it. brain during depression, various changes are happening. Antidepressant, chemicals in the brain allowing you to balance sleep, our appetite, our, our spirits, our pleasure, something we get from pleasure makes us feel hormone balance is bringing. Antidepressant body from outside of the one thing though outside the material produced is not.coming from outside agents in our brain, which is produced during the depression decreasing the amount of certain hormones collapse, preventing the media into the cells, the body, the body enough hormone accumulation by providing a period of time the body repair itself ensures"he said.
omega 3 vitamin that is believed to have a protective effect from depression said Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Kürşat Altınbaş,"including the"Mood food"(mood food) is called. Omega 3 in the brain between nerve cells messages in ensuring to facilitate the effect of depression to be protective has been claimed. Omega 3 fish high amount that we all know. These claims in the Nordic countries fish consumption redundancy on the basis put forward. fish we eat mood disorders did little show? wonder least appear fish m associated with? These, were unable to confirm a hypothesis is. Emotions redress the situation, the food alone is not enough. Vitamins alone depression, protective and empowering effect There's no proof. Deficiency if any depression can be no deficiency in the absence of added vitamins get no benefits. Here is a warning need to do. Connecting the drug sold under the name of various substances have. Ministry of Health a few of them recently confiscation decided. these very important because citizens pharmaceutical chemicals, not that they are turning. more expensive and in fact chemical substances, so-called herbal things are taking. As such, more damage they see. So I would say, a balanced diet is good. Protein, fat balanced amount is important to take. Dining outside a continuous exercise is good. Regularly, people wear a professional sports but continuous march, flat running, swimming or any other sport do regularly endorphins that we, our enjoyed when rising amounts of hormones by balancing the depression may be protective against. We especially mild depression treatment in beside this kind of exercise we recommend,"he said.

Balanced Diet Good Coming Depression" comments for.


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