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  • 02 Şubat 2014, Pazar 12:56

Alas Alas Flood Laughter Gala

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Iron Horse and Harness the lead role played by Akbag Alas Alas Canakkale premiere of the third film, was the scene of fun moments.

 Iron Horse and Harness the lead role played by Akbag Alas Alas Canakkale premiere of the third film, was the scene of fun moments. The whole crew, the private car rather than a single bus to come to the Dardanelles Iron Horse is famous comedian who talks,"We put our cars to sell the film.'ve Rented a bus with a credit card. So we visited,"he said.
Shootings, connected to the district of Çanakkale Ezine Geyikli made the previous day, which was released in the town 'Alas Alas 3' movie premiere was held in Canakkale. ÇTSO Exhibition and Convention Hall before the ceremony at the premiere of the film, attended the cocktail players. Iron Horse is famous comedian, jokes with teammates as well as plenty of the guests laugh. Members of the press, private cars, but not with all the team's why bus they came to that question, the film's Hussein Almond tiplemesiyle Answering Iron,"the cars have sold the film have invested brother. Buses rented with a credit card. Remaining money da Serra sister (Serra Yilmaz) hair dye"he said.
Journalists, 'like in the movie really expecting a child do?' the question in a humorous answering Iron,"the Divine power of questions to ask me why do you ask? fate I do not write it. previously a journalist, 'this baby for you a workout Do ? 'he asked. I said, we started to run straight,"he said.
Ata Demirer quite unstable wife, saying that a person's words on Borak Libby lived in Venice for a moment when the Iron told. Demireren the mirror to get enters the shop cane taking the exit that tell everyone laugh.
New about the film also answered questions Demirer, Alas Alas 3 followed by another project in preparation for that, certain of the plans has occurred recently in the new film to begin work, he said.
Dardanelles love explaining Iron,"the film that region to base, very nice. Hussein Almond and friends to this region bring very enjoyable. movies to the area to have an effect that we see. But the results of this important. this If you turn to cultural tourism, this is important.'re asking that we be where some of the scenes in the movie, we say they are going to those places. This is a very nice feeling,"he said. After cocktails, film screenings were performed. Guests, with laughter after watching a movie players standing ovation. The film then invited on stage the players Ata Demirer, Demeter Akbağ Ozge Borak, Ayşenil şanlıoglu, Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı, Cengiz Bozkurt, Serra Yilmaz, Salih galleon with Tariq Ünlüoğlu to Canakkale Deputy Governor Hussein tuberculosis, the sponsoring companies GESTAS General Manager Hasan Ilhan YÜRÜKÇÜ and ÇTSO Mert was given a plaque by Vice President Mildon. Following the screening, were served to all guests Bayramic diamond.

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