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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 20:36

AK Party resign after Congress Tire Shock !

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Tire district of İzmir in the past day organized by the AK Party congress 5.olag After the announcement of the new administration's shock resignation took place in the organization.

İzmir news: Photo recent local elections in Ak City Council Member from the party elected Attorney Fatos Banu years Sen, offering congress held that the petition to resign following the release of the new administration on November 12, the AK Party Tire Town Organization announced his resignation . Resignation not make a detailed description about the years Sen's petition the county unknown if he put processed and by the president. Photo SEAT NUMBER OF PARLIAMENT WILL FALL Photo AK Party Tire Councillors Fatos Banu years Sen'in the case of the processing of resignation , the AK Party with 8 seats in municipal councils will be reduced to 7 . Photo rESIGNATION wILL CONTINUE Photo city Council after the AK Party Member of the resignation news backstage in the dust mixes , the future of the continuation of the resignation was claimed by sources close to the party. The resignation of the raised immediately after the congress to congress led to the impression created by some partililerce acceptance of the new district administration . 5. If using only 201 people voted the AK Party usual 400 delegates to the county convention has left a question mark in the mind.

AK Party resign after Congress Tire Shock !" comments for.


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