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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 16:52

18th Began to Bursa Theatre Festival for Children and Youth

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Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, Bursa Culture Art and Tourism Foundation (BKSTV) and the International Association of Theatre for Children and Youth (ASSITEJ) collaboration of Turkey this year, 18 percent held the International Bursa Theatre Festival for Children and Youth ', at a ceremony held in front of the City Museum started.

between October 21 to 26 will be presented colorful festival gigs this year, eight countries participating in the various communities.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Chairman Atilla loan, in his speech at the opening of the festival, a rare vibrancy of the city of Bursa, which drew attention to the cultural and artistic life. Bursa, Turkey in terms of the theater is one of the provinces most fortunate that loan, as a municipality, children, young people and the arts voiced value. Circulation, said :"B follows a society that values ​​youth. Every activity, support for the development of children and youth. 18th time, realized the opening of the festival, Bursa blend of culture has become a tradition."

ASSITEJ Turkey Haluk Supreme Head of the Center of the festival started 16 years ago in Bursa, said every year has been implemented with the same excitement. This year, the festival, which is continuing the journey of completion of 10 years from the Almighty, give rise to positive results in terms of children and young people with the festivals, the most important of them said that the acquisition of the common working culture.

Bursa Culture and Arts Foundation, the Secretary-General Kenan Celik, deputy informed the participants about the festival. The festival will last until October 26 from 8 countries, a total of 19 games, 7 workshops and one interview specifying Steel,"the event will take place of 44 festivals, theater lovers will meet you on stage nine."said. Bursa primary schools attended by students at the opening ceremony, speeches, and then show Eser Jong Keres was a master. The show, cadets were followed by the interest and enthusiasm.

abroad this year's festival, Moldova, Georgia, Iran, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Denmark (in common with Turkey made good by BeReZe Theatre) groups attending Turkey, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters 'Dance of the drops', Theatre Tempo 'Fly Freedom', Kuklaevi 'Green Pingi'nin Tale', Boğaziçi Performing Arts Ensemble 'Musahipzade contact', Theatre July 'can not go on like this', Theatre BeReZe 'Elephant', Onur Kaya Pantomime show 'colorful''s games, exhibits, live statues of ASSA community and Kerem Eser young juggler shows will be screened in public areas.

holds an important place in this year's festival workshops. Children's theater, has served for many years in the 70s in Turkey and Ankara, which has an important place in children's theater Children's Theatre (ACT), co-founder and director of player galleon Salih is among the festival guests. Galleon, Children's Theatre and ACT in Turkey in the '70s on"a discussion. Manscher Denmark and Henrik Peter Köhler, workshops for festival participants performing for children Kuklaevi Uçaneller 'string puppet made', Theatre Tempo 'puppet making sticks', Onur Kaya for high school students 'pantomime techniques', Ahmet Önel 'children to create stories' Representation and Contemporary Drama Association of Bursa festival to be followed in the management of Ceyhun Ozer associated with a game 'game viewing and drama titled' will conduct workshops.

Bursa International Children's and Youth Theatre Festival, which has become a tradition of 'evening meetings' This festival continues. Every evening after dinner that day, watched games, talking to all the groups come together, the group performed the play of the game, and the theater on the understanding of the process of sahnelenme curious, trying to find answers to questions. There is a combination of all observers and participants 'children's and youth theater' these meetings to share ideas and opinions on the festival turned into an icon.

18th Began to Bursa Theatre Festival for Children and Youth" comments for.


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