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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:16

18. Kto Profession Committee Meeting Held

18. Kto Profession Committee Meeting Held
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Konya Chamber of Commerce ( KTO), the sectoral problems and solutions identified by the professional committee of consultation meetings held in order to establish the proposal continues with intense participation.

Konya news: Photo 18 . Occupation Committee meeting KTO President Selçuk Öztürk , depending on the professional committee members and the committee was held with the participation of a large number of chamber members . Photo KTO President Selçuk Öztürk , was found in his speech at the meeting opening on assessment of the economic issues and sectors on the agenda. President Öztürk , \"Turkey continues current , the biggest problem is obvious , although showing growth above the world average . Current is imported raw material dependence is the biggest cause of the deficit . Raw material imports in the furniture sector leads to the open as well as foreign trade increases the cost in both sectors. In fact, all manufacturing our government on this issue created problems for the sector was at the steps. the first Article 9 of the transformation program Economy was prepared to reduce the dependence on foreign private sector . in particular, by reducing the program's dependence on imports is expected to increase production of domestic intermediate. Furniture industry representatives are too high to support the sector will give this program will increase the value-added production. also one of the most important issues in our industry qualified form is open. while the 9.7 percent average unemployment in Turkey has become the second city with the least unemployment Konya 4.7 percent . despite skilled technicians in our industry is open. Workforce to meet the needs of our industry and our room Vocational Training Centre to be established in this respect will grow . The most important problem of the sector in Konya Madiran branding . Low profitability furniture manufacturer company employees declining savings thus can not invest to grow their businesses. The solution to this problem goes without branding . Branding contained herein sector representatives will provide solutions for the common mind . We will together work necessary for the development of the sector with reports to be prepared on the meeting results , \"he said . Photo 18. Professional Committee Chairman Ahmet Fevzi Soyuğurl as\"Konya Chamber of Commerce us during this period organized by the professional committee of consultation meetings with both assesses developments in our country and our city's economic agenda as well as in the relevant sector , the committee listened to the problems of our friends trying to produce common solutions . Our professional committees routinely performs monthly meetings . There are members of our incoming requests and complaints, examines the issues , is closely following developments in the sector concerned , if there are issues to be resolved and intervention informs the Board of Directors. Realize that we have a meeting of the core committee meeting of our profession and wider face to face, to the industry's problems , it's a medium for the exchange of views regarding the shortage . 18. room management , we have brought together by the organizer would like to thank on behalf of Professional Committee , \"he said . Photo percent 18 KDV voicing their demand be reduced to 8 percent rate , thus stated that prevented the informality seen in a high proportion of the sector. participants indicating the increasing requirements of logistics facilities in Konya for domestic and overseas marketing stated the necessity for the future of branding in the sector .
on the other hand , domestic organized by the Konya Chamber of Commerce meeting and international monitoring of emerging technologies can provide the industry with fair tour organization and qualified staff will bring enormous benefits was also expressed in terms of the elimination of the establishment of vocational training centers open .


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